So yesterday, I told you guys that I'd be back today with a few house updates and I'm here to make good on that promise!

We'll start with the entry, since that's usually where a house begins. Lets take a look all the way back, shall we?

You may recall this pic...its from my birthday...a month after we moved in. Yeah, no entry what so ever. So, I did this...

Then this...

But, it was looking a bit busy, so I changed it to this and made a console table...

After a few coats of stain and poly, a tray, some boxes and other random items, it looked like this...

But, that was boring, so, I made it look like this... 

Good, right? I started to take down the stripes, but got lazy when it came time to take down the ones behind the mirror. I rescued the lamps that I tossed out of our bedroom. Last you guys heard about them, they didn't even work; so, I took it as an opportunity to learn some basic electric repairing skills from YouTube! Off I went to Home Depot for some new lamp kits and once I got them home, it took no time to get em working again! Yay! But, once the lamps were working, I realized that the color wasn't, so they got a couple coats of primer and navy blue spray paint. Then, I just switched out the old silver tray for a new white tray from Target and added some pretty stuff.

But, I still felt like something wasn't right, so I did this...


Oh, and I painted the console table green!

I love it! It's so great to come in and have a place to drop everything. The little glass bowl was just .50 cents from Goodwill and is great for holding our keys and even some loose change. Mr. Marcus uses the green box that I found at TJ Maxx to hold his collection of name tags and ink pens from work. I wanted to make sure that it was a simple enough system that we would not only use, but also, stick with. So far, so good.

But that wasn't the only change. The dining room got a slight re-do as well. A couple months ago, it was looking something like this...

And not long after, it looked like this...

Well, now, it looks like this...

I painted over my DNA looking art and created some simple pears (one for me, one for Mr. Marcus and one for Davin : )

I found the flying metal birds at TJ Maxx for $25. There was quite a bit of brown going on, so I hit 'em with some bright green spray paint. But, don't mind all of the stuff in the tray...that was just a temporary corralling of clutter.

So that it. Two slightly updated spaces.

So what do you think? Any one else out there making any updates? Please, do tell!



  1. I need you to come pay my house a visit, it's looking a little boring! Good job by the way!

    1. Thanks Ashley! And anytime you're ready, I'm here!!!

  2. CoCo this is so beautiful, I just love it. I wish you could work a miracle on this house because that's what it will take.