Christmas at the Ham's!

Hey guys! Man it feels good to be back. We're all settled in our new place, but JUST got Internet access a few days ago! We had give AT&T Uverse a piece of our mind for giving us the run around on our install date for over week, just to come back and tell us they can't schedule it until FEBRUARY!!! So, anywho... all is well now with Comcast. So far.

But, back to the point of this post: TIS THE SEASON everyone! I love this time of year. Christmas is around the corner, so it was time to not only unpack our lives, but also bust out all of the decor. You guys get the first look at our spot, along with all of holiday home stuff! So, without further adieu...

Well, that's it. Lots of DIYs and thrift store finds, like the ribbon stretched canvas and the brass box on the coffee table. All the decorations are up, but the space is nowhere near done. Trust me, we've got a ways to go!

So are your decorations up? Did you have your tree up before Thanksgiving? Are you of the wait-til-the-last-minute variety? Or are your decorations still up from last year? Yeah, I know some people that do that... I'll lend no other comment. Ha!



  1. jessica dockery- caldwellDecember 10, 2012 at 6:09 PM

    I'm in awe Coco! I can't wait until next year. And since ure in Memphis now, maybe u'll give me that "we go wayyy back" deal to assist me :-). I can't ever find goodies at thrift stores, but my mom is so good at turning trash into treasure. Keep up the good work. It's gorgeous!

  2. Love the tree & your place is looking great!