Heading Outdoors: Balcony Details

Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been crankin out coffee tables and desks like nobody's business! And while I hate that it took me away from you guys, I'm so excited to finally be contributing to the household! (believe me when I say that the pressure is REAL)
But you know what? I'm back today to dish on the details of the balcony! Yaaayyy!!!

Console Table: DIY (details soon!)
Gold Lantern: You've seen it all over the blogsphere, so you know it's from Target
Yellow Plant Holder: Target's infamous $1 section
Footed Brass Bowl: Thrifted
Blue Agate Coasters: The Evolution Store (such a great price that I'm
thinkin about ordering a pink set too!) 
Altuzarra Gold and Glass Double Old Fashions: Target clearance
Yellow Drum Table: Homegoods (It had this suuuuper gross painted wood finish,
so I gave it a coat of primer and high gloss spray paint)

Blue & White Trellis Pillow: Custom, fabric from here
Planters: WalMart & Homegoods
Chairs: IKEA (they're much larger than they seem on the site)
Nesting Side Tables: Thrifted
Dot Rug: RugsUSA (clearance)
Plants: Home Depot Garden Center
I know I told you guys that I wanted a set of 4 chairs. Well, guess what? I got 4 chairs! I just have them stacked in 2's. Since we don't have guests very often (or ever), I figured I'd let the space breathe, and be ok with just a 2 chair set up for myself and the hubs.

But it only takes a quick switching up to get the space ready for a few guests. I just move a couple things around, utilizing the length of the balcony. The side tables then function as a small coffee table and yellow drum gets pulled into the space for additional surface area for drinks.

Nothing mind-blowing, but it definitely works!

So, I think that covers it. Did I miss anything? If not, just ask away and I'll get
the answers right to you.

I just want to shout a huge THANKS for all of your sweet comments on our little balcony. We use it at least twice a week now and it makes us so happy that we now a "pretty" place to chill.



  1. I love this. It looks so good. I can't believe you don't have company over. If I lived near you is be there like errday!!! It's probably a good thing I don't;) I love all the personal touches you made to the space. It's fab!

    1. I know, it's kinda sad. All of our closest friends are over 2 hours away and beyond. We're still on a search for some local ones...hopefully we'll score pretty soon.

  2. No company?! You need to fix that! You balcony is ready for a great get-together. Love all the details.

    1. Thanks love! And we're on the hunt for some good people to call friends. Definitely gotta get this space occupied!

  3. This balcony is adorable! You did a lovely job. Looks like a sweet, little retreat!