DIY: An Elephant Parade...for our keys

As promised, I'm back with a mini "how-to" on our new elephant head key ring hooks!
Here's the rundown: First, I headed out to WalMart to gather my supplies.
I headed to the toy section to grab my elephants. They were only $1 each. I would've loved to use the lion or giraffe, but the fact that the elephants had a  built-in "hook" is what sold me.
When it came to looking for something to mount the elephants to, I looked for just a small, flat and square craft plaque. But, of course, WalMart didn't have any.
But, hanging close to where the square plaques were supposed to be was this little square, hanging trio of frames for $4.77. They would have to do.
I figured I could just take out the plastic picture protectors and they would be exactly what I needed.
Once I got everything home, I started by taking the little frame thingy apart and painting it black.
While those were drying, I got on to slicing my elephants in half. Since they were hallow, it was pretty easy to do with a razor blade.
I took the heads outside and gave them 2 quick coats of Rustoleum's American Accents spray paint in their bright metallic gold finish.
I reassembled the frames, leaving out the plastic photo protector, and then began to mix a little of Gorilla Glue's general purpose epoxy.
Gorilla Glue 7/8 fl. oz. General Purpose Epoxy
I spread a little bit of the epoxy around the cut edges of the elephant heads and then pressed them into the opening of the frames.

I did this to all three heads and let them dry for about 20 minutes. And when they were ready to hang, I just used some 3M Command picture hanging strips.
Done and done! Super easy!
So, now it's time for you to tackle the elephant parade!!! Be sure to send me pics of your version of this easy would totally make my day!


  1. This is brilliant and so doable!

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  3. These are so cute and easy. I definitely want to try it.

  4. Brilliant!!! I'm totally not crafty or creative, but can't resist trying by hand at this!

  5. So genius yet so simple! Can't tell how many mornings I spend time looking for keys. Why do that when thy can be beautifully on display! Love it.

  6. I loveeeee this! 100% doing it for my new place. Great post