Saturday Styling: How to Style a Bookshelf (Look 2)

Happy Saturday Peeps! I'm back with a second bookshelf look and something tells me that you guys may enjoy this one just a tiny bit more than the first! Two words: mini bar!

Saturday Styling: How to Style a Bookshelf (look 1)

Happy Saturday peeps! It's time for another much anticipated and highly requested Saturday Styling post! Let's talk about bookshelves, shall we!?

Good to Know: How to Propagate a Monstera (and other care tips)

I'm beginning to question my purpose in life, because nothing gets you guys going like plant talk! There's not enough interior styling posts, project updates or outfit inspo that I can give ya'll that would amount to what happens when I start talking about plants, so it was a must that I cut out major space on the blog for it!

And speaking of major space, let's get into one of the most fascinating house plants to care for...the split leaf monstera.